Am I Yours and Are You Mine?

 I was conversating with my dear friend about how special we are one to each other and we kept throwing compliments at each other, emphasizing how indispensable we are to each other. It seemed that both of us were overwhelmed with joy and positive thoughts since the only point of the conversation was to make the other one feel special.

After a while of complimenting I automatically felt much better, and it is not because I heard only nice thoughts about myself or because I made my friend happy with what I reveled, but because I realized that we mean a lot to each other. No matter how important you are for some people, there will always be others who won’t feel the same way about you. You cannot be the special one for everyone and not everybody can be special to you. It all depends on the chemistry you have with the person in contact and how comfortably you can express yourself in the presence of that person. 

Being special to someone is a reason for living because you know that that person would love you unconditionally. Also, having special people in your lives is like a blessing with motivation, creativity, love, happiness and positive thinking. We are all special to somebody. However, we sometimes look down on certain people, assuming that they are not worth being our friends, but we don’t take a second of thinking that maybe these people mean more to somebody else that we could ever imagine.

Take a moment and think about special people in your lives and let them know how much they mean to you.

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1 thought on “Am I Yours and Are You Mine?

  1. very well said! I am so glad that you have each other. the most important thing in this world is to have someone that you can trust at any time!


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