The magnetism of life

We all know from physics that positive attracts negative and rejects itself and vice versa: in mathematics positive+positive=positive, negative+negative=positive and positive+negative=negative.

In real life when something bad happens then a chain of negative events will occur, until we disparate wondering why it is happening to us. I don’t know the answer to this question, but I know that while having negative energies around us we charge them with our mind and we bring even more negativism in our life, starting to see everything worse than it actually is. Furthermore, we have the tendency to think a bit selfish because we cannot accept bad events in our lives, we would prefer everything nice and perfect, but how boring would our lives turn out to be? Some of you would say: “I won’t get bored having a perfect life, I’d be happy, wouldn’t have anything bad to think of”. And I will say, I’d be depressed because I wouldn’t get the opportunity to grow by overcoming life’s obstacles, I wouldn’t be able to learn from my mistakes, because bad life experiences are what makes us stronger, wiser and better as human beings. 

A positive event brings more positive energies in our lives and makes us happier and therefore more productive.  But when everything around us goes so well, we can barely notice it, we think that is normal, and that is the way it should be. When we are happy, we dedicate our time thinking about something that can better our human condition, this is possible because our brain is not busy processing ways of solving negative aspects of our lives, so that makes us more relaxed. It is so good when life goes that way and it is so sad that it is only temporary… and I am so glad it is that way, because we need negative aspects in our lives in order to learn to appreciate better the moments of happiness. 

Life is full of satisfaction when we learn to appreciate everything we have and accept that life can sucks at times. Only the pessimist would say my whole life sucks and will suck from now on. The interesting thing about us, humans, is that we have a brain that can either build you up as a person or destroy you. You have the free will to decide for yourself. 

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