There is that place where we like being alone sometimes, where we go when we want to rest after a long day, where we feel we can do whatever we want, where we hide from the rest of the world. We call it home, which is a bit different from a house. A house is where we move, it’s the building where we start “building” our homes.

The interesting part about that place is that when we feel at home, we also start realizing that the house expresses parts of us and has our personalities. That it’s all about a home, a house with personality, whichever personality that might be.

Wouldn’t be inappropriate saying that our houses express the mood we have in a certain period. When we are going through rough life moments, we neglect our houses’ appearance and therefore they get our miserable mood. While when cleaning time occurs, we feel tired but fresh, our houses look fresh and it is a pleasure spending time there. Most often we say “I’m glad to be home” when the house is all cleaned.  

When I visit friends, I like admiring their houses, it tells so much about their personality. It is just like a museum of personal characteristics, reflects exactly what that specific person likes, works on, collects, plays, and not to forget about the atmosphere. When I visit artistic friends, I automatically feel the vibe, everything seems so compatible with their temperament and the same goes for sportive ones, scientists, party animals, and so on.

When visiting friends, they look so comfortable in our presence, is as if we are entering somebody’s kingdom, because in our homes we all are Kings and Queens.

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1 thought on “Home

  1. Arthur Andy Djerrah August 14, 2014 — 12:56 pm

    This is true indeed, I can’t wait to create my own little “artistic” home, the one I call “Heaven” (High elementary and vibrational environment need). iHeartU


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