Age does not matter

It is so frustrating when we start hating ourselves for our ages. I have encountered situations in my life when age was an issue in a friendship, relationship or simply approaching somebody.

How superficial can this be? We start categorizing people we want to have around even after their date of birth, I though segmentation was a strategy for marketing and not for building up relationships. Who says that if somebody is only 16 years old, that young adult is not able to impress you with his/her personality; and who can assure me that a 30 old person is mature enough to advice me about what I should do with my life?  Yeah, the age is just a number of years that a person has spent in this world, in those years some people experience more and some less, therefore experience is what gives a better answer on how mature somebody is.

I have accepted both younger and older people in my life and each one of them had taught me something, because our social interest shouldn’t be concentrating only on our generation, but should include people from different generations.

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