Mature Friendships

During our life we meet a lot of people, some of them will stay and others will just pass by; with some people we manage to build a beautiful friendship while with others we will share just some moments. The ones that stay in our lives are people with whom we have created a mature friendship.

Not only love can be at first sign, but also friendship. It happens to meet people and has the desire to become friends immediately and after a while you realize how good you feel in the presence of that person, you feel understood, you feel confident, you feel powerful and loved, because that is what friends are giving to each other. Friends help us overcoming the obstacles, they give us energies, they help us build our personalities, they can take the pain away within a second, in simple words they help us becoming better people. 

When a friendship reached maturity there is no need of daily conversations anymore or spending the whole day together. The maturity shows that friends understand each other; therefore a deep and important conversation once in a while is enough to catch up with everything. With a simple look into the eyes those friends are able to understand exactly what it is in our souls. They listen to us, advice us and support us.

Friends are important in our life in order to grow up together, we learn one from another, and we complete each other. There are times when two friends do not talk for a long time, but when one is in need the other one is always there to help and vice versa. They do not judge for not being in touch for months, they will understand you. 

What matters in a friendship is the presence in the moment of the need, party people are to be found every day in every club, but a true friend is hard to find, and it is harder to build and maintain a beautiful friendship

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1 thought on “Mature Friendships

  1. Nice outlook – friendship is indeed a strong foundation for everything good in life.

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