Low energy

   Every once in a while happens to wake up starstruck, confused, angry with no reason and most of all, with no clue why that feeling. It is as nothing goes right, we touch a glass and we make it fall, we open the fridge and it is empty, we are hungry but no appetite and so on.

  Those moments are so irritating and many times we do not know what to do in order to change those feelings, it is as nothing is this universe is working and you do not work along it. I do believe that everything happens with a reason and nothing is coincidence in our life and since everything might be considered infinite, just as universe, numbers, imagination and soul, I can surely say energy is one of those infinities, only that sometimes it seems that we receive less and sometimes more. 

  With an allusion to astrology, the universe is what it gives us energies, and the rotation of the planets and Sun we receive less or more energies, that is why in rainy mornings we feel as going back in bed, while on the other hand, when  sunny, we feel like we can conquer the world after only getting a few hours of rest. Is it the universe that affects our mood? 

  In those days with low power it is hard to get through the day because we do not have any motivation to do anything; it is as if we could pass an entire day staying in bed and do nothing else but sleeping, and the problem here is that the more time we spend in bed, the more stoned we feel, because energies do not come only from sleeping, but from everything our body needs, from water to food, from love to hate, from information to knowledge. All we have to do is to understand ourselves and find a way to gain energies even though we have no motivation to do it. Since imagination is infinite, our minds can create infinite of solutions for solving problems. 


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