The enlightenment of night

     The sky, full of stars, somewhere between those starts is a half Moon and the Sun is just about to bring some light on this planet. We look up in the sky and we see infinite, we look into our minds and we see infinite, because our minds are capable of unexpected thoughts and the imagination that we posses has no boundaries. 

    We have always being told by others “what we are”, “who we are”, and “why we are here”; it is not that the way it goes. We should learn how to consider first of all our thoughts and believe in what gives us strength; we should understand who we are and what is our purpose in life; and we shall decide when our imagination is to be stopped. 

   We all have influences in life, can come from society, friends, family or any other people that have a great impact on us. But are these influences actually defining who we are or the answer lies somewhere within us? What do we need to know and how can we discover ourselves is a topic too hard to be debated or expressed in just a few lines, requires a lot of deep thinking and passing some time maybe in solitude. We all need a moment to be alone with our thoughts, think, process and solve.

   Reality is relevant and even the most skeptic person would admit it, because real for me is what I can see. Human mind is more powerful that some could even imagine, it has the ability to create everything. Most people are not aware of which are their true abilities and most won’t even bother to try to discover them. The answer stands in curiosity, the more curious you are, the more you force your mind to create solutions to anything you want. 

    Religions, theories, leaders and other people in general have influenced us during all these centuries and that is why reality looks like this: Corruption, inequality, limitation, uncertainty, disasters, wars, hunger and so on. And we need something to protect us, we all need something to believe in, and the best is to believe in ourselves and learn how to protect ourselves.   

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