Dream Vs. Reality

In life some people decide to follow their dreams, while others just go with the most logic and rational solution. But what happens when within us there is a conflict between these two?

Dreams are something we believe in, something that make us happy, that fulfill us, give us motivation and most of all, dreams help us escape from reality and give us hope to fight for whatever we believe in. Only dreams can change reality.

Reality on the other hand is where we live, what we see, what we feel, what we know and what we believe we can change with our dreams. Reality encourages us to fight for changing the world in a better place for all of us. Many times reality destroys our dreams.

Some of us have the ability to live and build both worlds and many times we can be stock in the cross road, confused and not able to understand which direction might be the best. That is the moment of internal conflict, when rationality takes over our instincts, when emotions are giving us hope, when there is no best solution but just ordering our thoughts. That is the moment when we need advice from other people, family, friends or whoever we trust.

Advice does not mean immediately taking an action after receiving it; advice is consulting with others, take in that information and then produce the best solution for our problems. Advice is helping us understand which direction is the best for us; helps us understand weather is good still spending time hoping or just get grounded and leave behind our dreams.

A person that advice though, shall bear in mind that advising is just giving an opinion without pretending to be taken into consideration. A person should be free to take their own decisions, make their own actions and learn from their own mistakes. That is why we shall never influence others, but just share with them our thoughts, so they can decide what is best: Dream on or move to reality.

There is nothing best, some feel more comfortable dreaming and some feel more comfortable living the reality. We have the free will to decide which world we want to live in.

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