You can’t or you won’t?

    The answer to most of the requests is not yes, no or maybe. It is easier to say can’t, because that represents your inability to fulfill the request. Isn’t that underestimating ourselves? We all like saying we have no limits in something, but why do we have limits when somebody else is asking for a favor? Because we won’t want to do it from the start.

    It is not bad not having the urge to take on responsibilities, but it is bad saying you can’t instead of won’t. It is nice nowadays because of all the information we are getting from books, websites, other people, events, educational institutions and so on, we actually manage to manipulate people, we lie because we can, we are dishonest with ourselves and worst of all we use people instead of loving them.

   Most likely humans tend to hurt the ones they receive love from; and why is it that way? Simple, a person that loves us, most likely forgives us, therefore we know for certain they will come back to us sooner or later. But is it necessary to play with others just to give satisfactions to ourselves? I don’t think so. And we all do that at least one person, and I am the first to admit it.

   Humans can do whatever they want, love if they want, help if they want, even kill if they want. Whatever they don’t do is because they won’t and not because they can’t.

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