It is surprising to see how many people have the fear to express their own thoughts in front of some people just because they are afraid of what they would take in and what would understand. 

    It is not easy to start a conversation with someone if you already have a certain scenario in your head. We want to believe we know how would it be like, how would it start, go and end. That is good because it would mean we are all psychics and see the future, but unfortunately we’re not. The only way to know how things go is to actually face it and do it. 

      Then we have those awkward moments with some people when we keep something inside us and that feeling of anxiety is amplifying with each second spent together in the company of that person. I sometimes exploded because I couldn’t keep it anymore. and those moments had the most positive outcomes. First of all, the feeling of emptying yourself, getting everything out and secondly because that person would finally knows your opinion. What comes next, is mystery, things can get worse or better, but at least that’s a great weight off your heart.

      Misunderstands goes with interpretation because we all give an interpretation of our own to everything we hear, but we almost never listen to what the other person is trying to say. We receive only the information we want to hear and the riot starts. Farewell, buddy, next time try to be more specific. 


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