I’ve been always thought by different people how I should organize my life and how to manage my time in order to have enough to accomplish all my responsibilities. Actually, I never listened, nor even understood what they wanted from me.

  Opinions aren’t just something easy to deal with, we all have million of thoughts and dozens of things we want to do and say, in the end what is better? Do what others expect from us or do what we want? If we do what others expect us to do is just as completing some tasks, while when taking our own decisions is more like living our own life; build our personalities and learn from our mistakes, as well as destroying ourselves and never learn; ether way it is positive taking into consideration excluding the idea of being a robot and following others orders. 

   Each one of us is able to give an opinion on everything, but never to forget our level of subjectivity; even though we try to be objective we could barely give an entirely subjective opinion. Honestly, who is giving an opinion neglecting their own feelings? Somehow we have the tendency to express what we actually prefer and that is how it should be, because we are humans and not robots, therefore, able to take our own decisions and obviously, if needed, deal with the consequences. 

   There is no law how a person should behave in society, which in the end is like a jungle for humans, where wild animals are more tamed than us. It is true people have brains and are the superior living beings on this planet, but lets not forget, people are able to make our lives Paradise as well as Hell. 


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