We all have those moments overwhelmed with boredom, sometimes so painful that we cannot focus on anything else except whining about how bored we are; probably lying in bed or sitting in front of your computer, with your phone next to you waiting for something interesting to happen in your life, and you wait and wait and nothing happens. 

    Being bored is first of all contagious, I have lost the count of how many times other people dragged me into this damn state or I was the boring factor for them. It wouldn’t be a problem if boredom was not somehow connected with being lazy, so lazy that many times you do not even bother thinking of doing something productive instead of observing how the level of boredom is increasing with every second.

    Secondly, the more things we have to do, the more bored we get; and this is because we are put in the situation where we have to choose, and since choosing between million of options was never the easiest thing to do, we have the tendency to just do nothing because we cannot decide on what we actually want to do at the precise moment. I suppose we blame it all on boredom just because we have no motivation to do something we can do, but rather waiting for something unexpected to happen to entirely fulfill our needs at that time. Sadly, many times we do not even know what we want.

    Finally, the situations where we encounter boredom most is when we have nothing to do, when we have our spare time and we can manage it freely , do what makes us happy. Sometimes we have billions of ideas and we do the most interesting ones just because we get motivated somehow, but other times, we just do not feel like doing anything else but holding our head in our palms and complain about being bored.  

    When boredom occurs, the best way to cure it is to contact a friend that makes you happy, but pay attention not to attach the boredom instead of charging yourself with positive vibes. Boredom is complicated, confusing and contagious.  

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