Being Fabulous

Today I gave a thought to how is it to be fabulous, because in the end being fabulous is not just related to fashion, but related to an attitude; I started analyzing what is happening when somebody has this vibe and here is the result of my afternoon thinking.

We take divas as examples, people that you may dislike a bit at the first look, but if you look more profound into those people you’ll see they express confidence, non-conformism, power and style; with style I do not mean just clothing, but expressing something throughout their actions, ideas, behavior, posture and so on.

People with fabulous attitude should not be associated with being self-centered, but humans with balls, metaphorically speaking, that have the capacity to behave without being bothered what others would think about their choices. A big win, they do not get touched by judgmental people.

It is admirable how these people that might give you the hint of being fabulous are fearless, expressive, never messy, always expressing perfection, usually eloquent vocabulary, they just make you say “fabulous!”. We all have those perfect girlfriends that makes us dream about them just because they seem flawless in everything they do or those gay friends that abusively use the word “fabulous”:  “Oh my God, that’s fabulous!”.

Unfortunately fabulous people have swarms of haters. It is easy to be jealous on somebody that express something that you might never be or just be unable to appreciate somebody’s else choices of being.


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