The person that you should respect most in this world is your mother; because your mother gave you birth, your mother fed you many years, your mother gave you your first life lessons.

Mothers give protection, sometimes maybe too much and that because they are women and therefore more instinctive, so they tend to overreact, exaggerate and force you to be a better person with their annoying preaching; and all that energy that they consume just because we are their creatures, because they contributed at the person you are today.

The more we grow, the more we strengthen the relationships with our moms, we start to know them better with every year that passes and that is absolutely fantastic. They try to keep up with us as well, they use technology to spy on our facebook accounts, they check you on whatsapp and they always send you beautiful thoughts and  pictures to better your day. I think moms that are active on facebook with their children are cool and is nothing embarrassing about it how some children might think.

Moms are awesome, I do not love only my mom, I met lots of moms in my life and I can say they are adorable. They are kind, careful, funny and love to talk about their children. It is nothing wrong with loving something unconditionally and cannot stop talking about that. People talk about themselves every day, why moms cannot talk about their creatures every day?

But in the end, what is a mother? A woman that has brought something special in this world, but that woman can be more than just a mom. That woman can be more than just a mom to you, she could be your friend. And trust me, your mom can be that friend that will never betray you.


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