Let it go

When you are emotionally attached to something or worse, to somebody, it is really hard let it go and many times we would do anything it takes to delay the “moment of separation”.P1050654

It is true that we get used with having certain people around us, just because it is fun, it is cozy, it is familiar and makes us feel conformable; and what happens when someone is comfortable? They prefer staying in that state and do not move a finger or make any action to destroy those moments of coziness. But what happens when you have to let it go and move on? You disparate; just because you cannot image your life anymore without that element present into it.

Next step is starting to do whatever it takes to avoid the break up. I remember when I went to college and I couldn’t take my teddy bear with me. That was tragic, but I managed to sleep without it. It took me a while to get used not sleeping with my teddy bear anymore, even though I must admit that if I get the chance sometimes to sleep again with it, I would gladly do it. I wanted to give an example about going in holidays, but from holidays we come back, while moving means a new life, away from whatever is familiar.

With people is not that easy, people have their own personalities and many times the emotional detachment is not because of the circumstances or because you want it to happen, but just because the other one wants it. That is horrible, how could they do that to you? Well, simply because on the other side the feeling has disappear, the relationship or friendship has been consumed, or because after a series of events that person has realized you were not what they thought. Sad but true, in these situations the best idea is to let it go and not start trying anything it takes to fix what has been broken; that is also because we should never force anybody to want us

No matter how patient or nice you are with people, at a certain point you will get annoyed and therefore you will react aggressively towards that person that still insists to make you want him/her. Why would you do that to another person? Polite would be to respect one’s decision and let it be that way, because if one day the story between you must continue, it will.

The recovering process after detaching from a person is a bit longer than the one over an object and it involves more dedication, many times even forcing ourselves to hate those people. We start having negative thoughts about them, we start observing all those not so nice aspects of their personalities and immediately after we realize we feel more disgusted than delighted to have those people around us. Even though the right way would be to not charge yourself with negative energies and just try to cherish the beautiful memories and to let it go and be that way.


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