No inspiration

   We all have those moments when we want to do something and the inspiration is just not coming. We try and try, but we’d rather do something else than burning our brains. 


   Sometimes we feel so creative that it seems we do not even need to use our brains to manage to fulfill the given tasks, while other times the thoughts just refuse to come out and that is when we feel frustrated; the frustration is because we know we are capable of creating and we wonder why are we stuck from finding any way to express what we have in our minds; it is like everything is there somewhere, inside us, but just cannot come out.

   The uninspired moments are also governed by insecurity, because everything we do we are not satisfied with, we start and do not continue because we consider it stupid; but maybe that happens due to our growth, it is logic that when somebody evolves also the expectations from himself/herself are higher, therefore pretend to give more than what has been given before. This might be called perfectionism, which is a characteristic that who has it, should be proud of it. 

    The best thing to do when inspiration feels consumes is to just find other elements to get inspiration from and not desperate; And instead of struggling to find a way to get out what’s within us, we should just take a break, enjoy what’s around us and wait for the inspiration to come back. In the end a creative person, remains a creative person even though sometimes break from creativity is what makes space for more creativity. 


2 thoughts on “No inspiration

  1. Inspiration disappears when you stop playing the writing game. That’s the moment when your perfectionism turns into self handicapping. The best thing to do when inspiration feels consumes is to continue playing the writing game because if you need to write about what you see or feel then it can not be stupid.


    1. This is what I needed. I will play the writing game a bit tonight, Thank you!


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