Say it!

One of the most annoying categories of people is the ones that think something and say something else. The ones that never have the balls to speak out what’s in their minds; the ones that never clear their mess; the ones that leave the conversation unfinished.

We all know that one of the reasons to not say what is in your mind is fear, because your words might turn into a conflict, because you might think is better that way, which is keeping it for yourself; Or there are those players who just refuse to say what they think because they are assholes or bitches; Or, this is the last and the most uncommon one, some people just are underestimating themselves and prefer not expressing their thoughts because of the lack of confidence.

Problems are always solved after a conversation, and likely a conversation when both or all the people involved are expressing their opinions sincerely. If you keep something for yourself it can cause only frustration and regrets; you will never know what would have been the outcome unless you speak the truth. People are able to understand and forget if the truth is said, on the other hand, people start hating and erase you from their lives if you try to fool.

I don’t understand why people always complain after destroying a friendships or a relationships, and here especially girls. They are the ones that instead of discussing problems with their loved ones, they go whining with their girlfriends, get drunk to forget and act slutty; at least they are emptying the pain. Men, they are more insensible, is true, they ignore, let it go, move on like jerks and treat you with complete indifference; while they keep all the hate inside.

It is not easy to confront the people we love and especially when we know that what we’ve done can be unforgivable; but it is worth giving a try and see what happens instead of hiding it. Some people are wise enough to not think selfish and try to put themselves in your situation and understand, but they might not forget you. That is normal, some mistakes for some people are unpardonable, while some might be understandable.

Unfortunately there are those people unworthy to talk to, they will just be stubborn as a mule and not see further than their own thoughts; this might be a good test to find out how open your partner is; this is an opportunity to understand people’s thinking, see people’s reactions, learn more about people in general and know better the people you have to deal with daily. Conflicts sometimes have great outcomes, revelations and give new opportunities.

One shouldn’t necessarily start speaking his/her mind everywhere with everyone at any time, but should absolutely be honest when is something important that could cause a fight.


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