From hate to love

     When thinking about who are my true and real friends, I realized that with each person I had a different story and development  of the friendship. With some was an automatic click, with others the friendship was gradually created, while with other was total antipathy at the beginning. 

     It is normal not to like people when you meet them, because maybe they are something you don’t know yet, they have a personality you haven’t met before, or maybe you are just not ready to understand that person, so automatically you judge, you dislike or even hate. 

     Surprises come when you meet the people you hate and they hate you back; maybe you find yourself at a table next to that person and with a good common friend in between you. That is when you put your question: “Why is he/she friends with him/her?”. Simple, because your common friend instead of hating, is loving both of you for who you are. That should make you curious to see what is the actual value of that person. Maybe there is the time when you realize that you disliked somebody for nothing, for misjudging, for unwilling to know that person more than what he/she shows. 

      In years you realize and laugh about those moments, you call them memories, and are beautiful memories. And when a friendship like this is starting to build up it lasts forever, because you already know how it is to hate that person, and when you see how good is loving somebody and receiving the same feeling from that person, you’d be like. “How stupid were we years ago?”. Well, stupid is not the right word, is more immature than stupid. 

      A world is a better place when you have true friends. So instead of seeing negative characteristics in people we encounter, we should let go our prejudices and try to discover the positive aspects of that person. 

     Happy Birthday to a good friend of mine, that once was hating me. 🙂



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