I do not understand why ever since I hated Mondays, is as if we expect something to start and nobody has the power to start it; everybody is moody, annoying, confused, needs to get back to their regularities, and so on.

God created light in the first day of creation, which makes sense why we are starstruck, we are light headed, probably week-end drinks contributed to that. The seven days of a week are so limiting us, because we start with day one and end with day seven; but there is never an actual ending to these days; day seven is over, and day one restarts, why? A new creation, a new week waiting for us to create something and say at the end of it that we’ve done something.

Days, days and again days; every day we have tasks, each day we live it differently, we have daily goals, daily news, every day something happens in our lives and others’ lives; with each day that pass the world is changing, we are changing, we learn more, we experiment more.

Days are somehow connected to a certain topic that is governing our existence. One day can be the most beautiful day in the world, and the tomorrow might be a disaster. We all know that our moods, our feelings and situations are influencing the way we pass through a day. Many times I hate the day even before it started, just because I know I do not want to see or deal with certain people, because I know I do not have the right mood to exceed in what I have to do. But in the end, a day is a day and we have to make the best out of it.

During years I’ve learned to live my days differently, I am not following anymore the society’s calendar, but living each day as it comes. My favorite day is Wednesday, for me represents family, and there is no coincidence that I’ve been born on a Wednesday.


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