Celebrities Nude Leaked

Lately everybody is going crazy for the new media trend, watching leaked nude photos with celebrities. I must admit, I also watched because I was curious who has been caught in the costumes of Adam and Eve.

Some celebrities I was socked to see in some postures, doing some dirty stuff I was not expecting them to do; at the end of the day, they are humans, they have orgasms, they like sex, they like and are proud of their bodies and like photographing them. I think is completely normal for some to find pleasure in having porn photos of themselves on their phones. Just because they are celebrities doesn’t mean they don’t take a crap like normal people do.

There is trouble in Art’s Paradise, some of your Gods and Goddesses are not so perfect anymore, you’ve seen a nude picture; now you can actually visualize your fantasy’s intimate parts and masturbate. I was actually sarcastic, but is really stupid how people make such a big deal out of this. I am sure you wouldn’t like the whole world to see a naked picture of yourself, is your privacy, therefore you should decide who to see it or not.

Nowadays with all this technology you can do everything that is crossing your mind. Photography is a form of art, while sex or sexuality is adopted in all types of art; Why an artist should be judged because in a crazy moment of their life they decided to espouse themselves? Why should anyone be judged for what they want to do? Because you’re jealous? Because you don’t have anything to care about in your life? So many question to put before you judge somebody.

Freud was right, people really are sexually frustrated. It is incredible how some people make such a big deal out of these leaked photos; probably some get satisfaction out of it; some just need it to judge; other just curiosity; but in the end they might feel violated, which is a feeling nobody wants to experiment.


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