Just do it

There are always those awkward moments when you are put in the position to make something, yet you don’t know how to do that something. People trust people; therefore a human being would advise you to “just do it”.

The only certainty in life is death, we only know that one day we will die, the rest is a mystery, and unless you do something you don’t know the outcome. It is true that moral values are always a barrier in doing something, and that sometimes puts you in a doubtful situation when you don’t know whether what you’re doing is right or wrong; but if you do it, you’ll know the result.

Life is about taking risks and leaving our comfort zone; otherwise we won’t live our life, but just pass through it. Getting out of your comfort zone is about testing your abilities, self-knowing, discovering new qualities or defects; and that is what should be important in our life, growing, and knowing who we are, what we do, what we want, etc. After death there will be no more you walking physically on Earth, but if the soul travelling theories are true, you’d probably be proud of your accomplishments.

People are not the same, no matter how much we want to make it look like there are no differences in between us. Each one of us has his/her own personality and that is what make us stand out in a crowd; personality sometimes is expressed through attitude and what we show to the others is what the other would perceive about us. It’s a bit like if I am dressed all formal and have an arrogant attitude that says a lot already, but if one day I am dressed like a hipster and act carefree and dizzily, that show something else of my personality. It is just as different bits of a personality are expressed through one’s mood or the circumstances one is into.

Under social circumstances, one wants to appear flawless until the alcohol’s level in our system is exceeding a certain percentage; while after that, important is who you are and what you do, your appearance is not so important, unless you are obsessed with it and alcohol amplifies this feature. These beautiful people, sometimes they intimidate you for what they show, but you never know what lies within their soul unless you try to find out; and the best way of doing it is just do it. That’s what they say.

We all feel that something is bad or we consider knowing already the results over some actions, but the real results appear after you do an action. It’s not everything meant to be, that is why we should try even if the outcome shows up negative.


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