Everything in this world is build so perfectly around the energies coming from the universe as if we are masterpieces, all of us. The reason why we exist is because we have this consciousness inside of us and we do actions because we can and because we are excited to know the results, no matter whether they are positive or negative.

The conscious is us, each one of us has his\her own one, is something invisible that is claimed to be part of us, lives within us and can travel from inside our living bodies throughout the whole universe, technically ignoring the barriers of time and space. It’s as if this conscious is another part of oneself that’s observing each step of our progression and also assimilates all the information gained throughout our “on Earth experience”. Philosophers consider the consciousness as being the only living atom that constructs a living being on the planet, being also closely related to our souls and minds.

The spirit is the same invisible energy that lies within us, now I am wondering, aren’t the conscious and the spirit the same thing? The spirit is able to travel everywhere, and also in the last years people are starting to believe more in “the next step of our progression” as humanity, living in the spiritual era, which is characterized by connecting more with our higher selves and helping ourselves more to become better, greater, stronger, wiser and so on. But that to me is more becoming more self conscious through analyzing keener every action, paying attention to every detail, processing all the alternatives and many times doing nothing with the solution resulted just because over thinking does nothing but raising doubt in ourselves.

The world is populated by 8 billion humans, leaving aside the other animals this planet has. The cute part about it is that each individual has his\her point of view and each one of us is trying to create his\her world in which likely everyone wants to live better, live happier and there is where our minds are producing solutions to this, by analyzing the information gained throughout our live time on the planet. Each writer, philosopher, artist has tried to express his\her thoughts through their work of art in order to help the world progress to the next stage. Just as our grandparents were not able to imagine internet and computers when they were at our ages and seeing how world is changing yearly, I am sure in 10 years we’d posses new technologies, theories and goods that we are not even capable to imagine at the moment.. Each area is constantly developing and results are shown daily.

Life is made out of moments, there is the life each one of us is living and there is the life we are all living in together, which is the time and space in which we are in a certain moment. Many times the world seems to point in a wrong direction, underlining wars, conflicts, hatred, desire of possessing, or governing other people and so on. It is true, some people are weaker than other, but that doesn’t make a person worthless just because is weaker, there is the possibility that a weak person to posses better qualities than a high positioned one. A person is weak because we, all members of this world, do not offer them the right treatment in order to grow and bring out power instead of being dominated by insecurities.

We all have the conscious that is governing our lives, but what would be healthy for our planet is to change the consciousness of The Earth with positive energies and make decisions in order to help us all as One and not to only help ourselves individually. The world will be a better place to live in, when we’ll switch our self oriented consciousness to collective oriented consciousness as a whole.


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