Effects of technology

I’ve witnessed a very interesting conversation recently between two people that met previously and it was the perfect moment for them to connect a friendship or something, but instead of Person A to accept person’s B request, to teach him a food receipt, person A sent Person B on YouTube to check it out. What? Why? How is it possible that this internet and everything we have as technology have ruined the real connection, which is human connection?

Businessman pressing virtual icons

First of all computers, which nowadays are laptops, tablets or smart phones are the ones mostly abused these days. I cannot think of a person around my age that is not using it at least a few hours a day. To communicate, keep in touch we say, check on other’s life online on facebook, entertain ourselves on YouTube, or search all the needed information on Google, capable of reaching more information than Library of Congress. It is very helpful having all this at our hands and makes life easier, in the end that’s the reason why we evolve as humans, but is this evolution keeping us away from reality? There is no doubt that in 20 years time our best friends would be computers like in “the Jetsons” or Her (the movie).

All these devices work best when connected to the internet. This marvelous invention that is capable to even find you the perfect life time partner, can teach you how to live, how to breathe, how to even not think anymore. With one click and a few buttons you can find the answer to any question you have. This is very positive for people who are addicted to information, but some people just abuse the internet till the point where they live within the internet, so said online. Cannot believe how many people do nothing but stay indoors in front of a screen, that won’t be the only issue, because it is very trendy to stay online while being out with your friends as well. I walk in the city and see the terraces full of people and phones, more phones than people.

The television was a popular technology in the 50s, nowadays not so popular because has been dethroned by computers, and even if people watch television, has not the same “taste” anymore.  You can miss a program any time because you could watch it online the second day. It is not needed to attend anxiously a TV program a whole week because you can read spoilers any time you want. It is just not fashionable anymore to organize nights watching telly with friends. TV has become more of a background noise in the house in order to not go insane from the beautiful silence or not feelling lonely.

Papers and handwriting, it is hard to go back to hand writing since I finished going to school, at least I still have to write my name now and then, here or there, otherwise I’d completely forget how to keep a pen in my hand. All those notebooks I’ve consumed at school, I am wondering “Will I ever again write so much with my hand for the rest of my life?”. No, I guess not, trees can finally survive, less paper to consume. This is an aspect of technology, you win some, and you lose some. I will lose my ability to handwrite; I have a terrible handwriting anyway.

Arts are affected by technology as well, both ways, positive and negative. Positive is that with all these technology we can create futuristic arts, futuristic images, futuristic sounds and so on. Negative are plagiarism, piratism, faking, etc. Art businesses and some other types of businesses are affected by the evolution of technology; mainly all types of arts can be automatically downloaded online, viewed online because they are now all online. Everything that is online is easily accessible for anyone curious to discover it. That really helps auto educating ourselves, but is that fair for the people that spent money and time in creating that? Guess not.

At this moment when you are reading this article on wordpress many other people in other parts of the planet are dying of hunger, dying in wars, or just dying without anyone knowing about their existence, just because technology nowadays is not able to put all societies from all around the world in a good shape, where everybody would live happily ever after, but just help the lucky ones.


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