There has always been this duality of perception over revenge, some people say revenge is sweet, while others consider it a stupid weapon. In the end a revenge is something that exists and almost everybody did it at least once in life.

Like some other words revenge contains the suffix “re-” which means repeat, it is just as somebody did something wrong to you which affected your self esteem, your feeling or your pride. In this case you feel that you must do something back in order not to be considered the weak one. But many times when you redo something you might lose again and then the revenge was a bad decision. In sports many people take revenge after a loss, but how many times they can actually score a WIN over the opponent?

It is bad to know that revenge is mostly taken against people that hurt us, yet, revenge includes some other people that might have never did anything wrong to us. It is fair to make a whole bunch of people suffer just because our pride is stronger than our dignity? Dignity would prove us that sometimes it is not wrong losing, but is just a life lesson from which we should take in the experience of suffering and add it to future situations where we hopefully aremore cautious.

Pride is something that we all have. When pride takes control over us we would do anything to prove that we are not the weak ones, so the ego immediately reacts with the will of revenge. When we revenge we do it because we want to see the ones that  hurt us below us; we want to underline the “Told you buddy not to mess with me!”. How important is that for our ego? Very important I must say, but only if the revenge is well done, which doesn’t happen very often. Many times when we decide to take revenge we find ourselves regretting it and realizing it was a mistake and therefore we lose again. That is not so helpful for our ego, nor self esteem. It just can break you down even more.

The best way of revenging is ignoring the ones that did wrong to us. This world is full of people, some good ones and some bad ones, depends only on the chemistry and on what they are meant to be for us. What lesson of life they have to teach us. And if suffering is a lesson of life, then you have to be thankful of those who did it wrong to you and move on with life to the ones that are there for you when you are down.


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