Lonely VS. Alone

We are lucky to not be the only ones on this planet or universe, as you prefer. With all these among of people, objects, animals, emotions, many times we have the feeling of loneliness. Am I feeling lonely or am I alone?

Lonely is a state we have sometimes, when we need someone next to us to communicate with. The problem with communication is that it’s not done properly since it gives actually the impression of being alone instead. The feeling of being misunderstood is because when we communicate we listen in order to respond and not to understand the truth in its depth.

I have the tendency to say I am alone, I’ve always been and I will always be. That is because I think no one has the capacity to understand truly the feelings we have inside, and that is also due to our mistake to not say everything exactly how it is; might be the fear of showing ourselves weak in front of others, or maybe just find it useless to complain about or express everything we feel with our hearts or think with our minds, either way everything is said only partially.

Alone we are when we decide there is nothing or nobody capable to understand us, so the only one left to know what is hiding within us is only “me, myself and I”.

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