Top Models 2015 Calendar


Papà sent me the New Year’s top models Calendar, for 2015.


It is obvious that the biggest problem we have in January is our weight and the reason is simple, in our winter activity we have eating as much as possible because of the holidays, or worse, staying with our families, which in this case means you’ll gain at least 5 kilos in one week. Furthermore, January is also a month when we hardly try to get motivated for the New Year so therefore be in a party\sociable mood, because we want to overcome winter blues and prepare our way to the glorious spring.


But before spring we have the monstrous February, that month when we work as much as possible, we know this month is the shortest which implies more work in less time. We have to put more effort in school as well, the exams are coming or a new semester is starting. But the hope spring is coming with a different fresh vibe. And as for fashion, we keep try to understand should we cover ourselves as for a late winter or as for an early spring? But a smile and honest look is always good as accessories for the month.


And spring has arrived with the flourishing month of March, the time of the year when we feel alive again, full of energy, motivated to accomplish as many tasks as possible, ready for a fashionable time of the year, when we can leave the house with a less number of kilos of clothes covering our bodies. March also comes with allergies, but never mind, a smile will take the pain away.


April is like the most rebellious month of them all, the temperatures are rising so also inside of us is starting to burn the need to start skipping tasks or classes and go wild partying, meeting people and so on. In high school I remember April more like spending time in bars with my classmates during the lessons time. No wonder the star sign of this month is Aries and Taurus, two stubborn and wild animals.


May comes very tired every year, after a very wild month of April we realized final exams are coming, graduating time is almost knocking at the door, and holidays are coming, so more savings and less partying. The flow around us is starting to be a bit summery so we bite our longue and with a disparate look we fight to the sunny season, after ending gloriously spring; overcoming all the obstacles, fixing all the mistakes and passing all the exams and ready to graduate.


June is probably the most confusing month of the year because it always feels like spring, but yet is summer. Then the frustration is amplified by all the responsibilities we still have, all the exams we still have to take, all the tasks we still need to fulfill at work in order to finally feel free through summer. Another important factor about June is that it the moment to prove how much you kept your body in shape thought the whole spring. We all know that in winter we don’t care that much about how fit our body is.


July is the month of patience and contemplation, that month is the middle of summer that doesn’t feel that summer due to the absence of holidays. Most love affairs are starting around this month, or the feelings are growing deeper during this chaotic month. The lucky ones of this month are the retired people, they have all the time in the world to enjoy the summer, but most often you’ll find them in busses or sitting on benches looking at people that are struggling with the last moments before holidays, to probably remind themselves how tough life was back then and how much they deserve to be there now sitting. This is true, one day we’ll be older and wiser, armed with knowledge, life experience and love.


The gorgeous, sunny, reddish month of August is arrived, probably another month of the year that would perfectly fit as the last month of a year. In August we get to relax, go exploring other places, lots of parties and events, a very dynamic vibe, a month with a lot of time for ourselves to think what we’ve accomplished during the whole year and reward ourselves with freedom and joy. We all are happy in August, even the most depressive ones. The celebrated star signs of August are the gracious Leon and the determinate sign of Virgo.


The month of September is like a new beginning, that is when we feel like a new year is starting. A month described as desperation, back to work, back to school, back to responsibility, back alone, but also back to the routine but this time in a better version and with more dedication; a very productive month, with a lot of weird thing that might happen. Not to forget the outfits we choose in September, is just not right to go back to long sleeves and jeans, we still want to show out toned and tanned bodies we have.


Ok, October is not a month to mess up with, because is the perfect month to try your vintage clothes, is the best period of the year to prepare your grumpy mood you’ll have during autumn. October comes with storms and powerful winds. The green and blue are starting to disappear and turn into darker colors, like brown and grey. We start being rude and blame it on the winter blues, but it’s still October. So Happy Halloween!


Or Happy Movember! Anyway, before winter we have the month of November, which is one of the most painful months of the year. We keep trying to adapt to cold temperatures, with rough weather, and also with inner frustrations. During colder periods of the year people tend to socialize less and choose to spend more time alone and contemplating. In November men usually grow beards or most traditionally, moustaches. Also people start to go for darker outfits with hairier looks.


And speaking about hair, December is the best excuse to not shave anymore, in the end anyone can see trough clothes. We start doing the frustrating over dressing thing because we always have the feeling is getting colder and colder. And it’s true, winter has arrived and we need body heating measurements.

Happy New Year everyone and a fantastic 2015!


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