Kind or Blind

This world is full of different kinds of people; there are countless types of personalities that we apply on each situation or in relation with different people. Would be dishonest to say we are good and others are bad, because we all have the capacity to be good and bad or kind and opportunist.

There is this mechanism where if we do something good because it makes us happy or give us satisfaction, there is the risk others are starting taking advantages and therefore they will pretend more and more from us. There is no wrong continuing to do whatever pleases the other, but it is wrong to pretend they will give us something in return, because we should do things in order to please first of all ourselves and not to expect gratitude from the ones around us. This is a bit unfair, but waiting for that reward that will never come is somehow blocking us from being who we are. If the nature of a person is to be kind and give everything that’s the way it should stay.

The world is not divided into kind people and opportunist people, but we all have both characteristics, depending on the person we have in front, so we all somehow take turns to be kind with some people, but be opportunist with others. It happens many times to receive lot of attention, comfort and compliments from somebody and we barely notice that they do it in order to receive at least a bit of appreciation, so we completely ignore their intentions of showing themselves as good people in front of us and we take everything for granted, therefore we suppose that’s the way it should be and we deserve all that kindness.

People notice things, people see things, people observe a lot, but they do that only if they have a purpose, if they are interested in something or somebody, but they completely neglect everything if there is nothing that could please them. The cycle goes like this, we are kind to the ones we want to recruit into our team and we are blind with the ones that try to get us in their team, this is why we need other people around us in order to open our eyes are see further than just what we think we deserve and try to at least be thankful for what we receive.

At the end of a day we are not capable to know everything, do everything correctly or be perfect, but we can try to be as perfect as possible for ourselves and do whatever makes us happy just because we want to feel proud of our accomplishments and not because we want compliments.


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