My opinion about love

Love is a feeling we receive from various other individuals, depending on the relationship that has been build or on chemistry we have with someone. Love is not only between two people that are married or in a relationship, but is the feeling we have in our stomach when we are loved.

The most powerful love we have is the one for our parents, which is an unconditional love. Our parents made love to have us, gave us love so we could grow up, they put us first and then they would be second. A way of manifesting love is when you forget about your own self and concentrate all your attention on carrying of the loved one. The love between parents and children is easy to maintain because that’s biological love, we just know that those humans in front of us are sharing our own blood, so inevitably we just cannot consume that love, but only strengthen it.

The second love we learn about in life is to love somebody outside of our family, and before we go to having a partner, we learn to love a friend. We grow up having and making constantly friends, some we love, other we eventually realize they are not from our league, therefore we close the friendship. On the other hand we learn how to love each person differently, as for their appearances, for their personality, for their likability or simply because there is a click. This kind of love is expressed with being next to each other in tough moments of life, grow up learning one from another, but also with having fun, keeping the most terrible secrets and discover the secrets of life together.

Another type of love is the love we have for a possible partner, you know when you just get excited when that person is answering to your message, or when you accidentally find yourself in the same place with that person and you completely lose control of yourself. That is the painful love, because unfortunately it is impossible to choose the one we want to love, but it goes randomly. The pity is that many times the ones we love, they don’t love us back, but occasionally there is a good timing for Cupid and two other people to meet at the right place and time and fall in Love. That love is something strange, because is like a stranger’s body is suddenly the extension of ourselves. When two people fall in love they pull out of each other the best that lies inside them.

Admiring somebody is also a form of loving, we all have our heroes in life, we all have the ones that opened our eyes and we all have our crushes. The love we feel for people we admire is because they are carrying, they are good people, they help other people, they are honest, they inspire you to change something bad about you, and they illuminate your way to discover yourself. Apart from admiration, we also appreciate their presence in our life; we consider them a reason to be happy or a source of power and motivation. This proves that a person can be loved just because is a model for another person. Probably feeling love through admiration and appreciation is the most touching love one could receive. That’s why we should do our best to be good humans so other could see us one day as a hero, a role model or source of inspiration.

Some people might say love is all we need in life, other people may be skeptical about love, while others just don’t care a fiddle stick about love, but in the end, love is a lesson we have to learn before we leave our bodies, and just loving ourselves is not enough.


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