Cultural behavior V.S. personality

There is no doubt that humans are the most interesting animals on Earth, their behaviors are very much conscious and yet unconscious.

First of all people behave different from individual to individual, but the truth is that when you move to another city or another country you notice that people in that “society” is a bit different than the one you were used to, but you assume that those people in the “new society” are the same. That is because now you live in a different place where you don’t see anything familiar, but from time to time you start to realize that they are different.
Time passes and you start becoming familiar with the new environment, you start to understand what their beliefs are, their culture, their manners and their personalities. Types of personalities many times are more similar from human to human, then their cultural behaviors. The cultural behavior comes as a plus to your personality, it is somehow upgrading your personality, underlining better some characteristics or hiding others, as well as giving a person either good manners or bad habits.
A blend between personality and environment can be either positive or negative, depends on aspects like adaptability, knowledge, determination, motivation, passion, kindness. Likely humans are influences with a lot of ideas, life goals, and ideals and so on, that makes a person be able to extract food for their brain from everything they encounter on their way to an everlasting growth. Therefore, the more you accept content from something different, the more you challenge yourself to a new experience. That could be beneficial to a person that has intentions to become a better human by accurately interpret the message transmitted from an unknown object.
Concluding all from above, accept people, don’t judge them, but understand them, and eventually learn from them.


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