A longer spring


Each season or month has its own particularity. However, the way every year is structured gets confusing when you realize that some of the months are totally useless.

I dislike winter so much that I wish I could just sleep through the whole season, starting  from  mid November till the first of March. Unfortunately I feel forced  to make the most of it, even though I’d rather just wait for better weather to come.  Beginning with November, people start getting the winter blues. December and January tend to sort of motivate us to do things, all because of the winter holidays and the beginning of a new year, therefore, a new stage in our lives. The weather is not keeping us from leaving our caves and go explore the nature. And after 2 months of cold, fog, snow and rain, there comes February.

What is the purpose of February then? December it’s all about preparations and Christmas; about family, holidays, getting drunk like a lord, eating like a pig or just killing time in bed or on the couch. Once the New Year celebrations have passed, January brings new goals, ambitions, changes, etc. And finally, February arrives and makes us wonder: “Seriously?! Do I really have to survive another month of winter?” In the end February is only 28 days and once every 4 years is 29, so we could  just as well do better without it. We might as well try to manipulate our brains to think that spring actually starts on the 1st of March and just erase one month from the calendar. Of course, that would result  in March having a variation from 59 to 60 days and obviously 2 pages in the calendar ( and one extra naked girl). Low temperatures wouldn’t be an issue, because we might encounter snow even in April.

The idea of cold, grey sky, death nature is so badly  irritating that many times we get to do nothing but just watch the time passing by. It is true, weather, seasons, months and events change the way a person acts over a period of time.  For example in winter people are more lazy, take less care of themselves and dedicate more time to indoor and antisocial activities. In spring people are more friendly, colorful, happier, spend more time in nature and have a more lively vibe. In Summer people explode of energy just like the thermometers, a lot of parties, festivals, connections, vacations, few hours of sleep, but enough energy to make the most of every day. Autumn is like an injection with motivation; people tend to be more on their position and yet they get caught by the bohemian change of the atmosphere; most people get the winter blues at the end of autumn.

Seasons is a great topic to think about. If you would have to characterize the seasons in your life, how would do it?


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