Create your own reality

People do have the ability to create their own realities, but what is real for one may not apply also for another person. Reality is relative, and it mostly consists in how one decides to make actions, the use of words and relationships that are built during human interaction.

Many philosophers have talked about reality in their works, such as Plato or Kant. These famous thinkers succeeded in giving their own interpretation about truth or reality, but surely they have struggled finding answers to all the “whys” they encountered  during their process of collecting information and deep thinking. The job of a person is to take the information he/she has at his/her disposal and apply it in their own lives, in certain situations or as answer to some of the questions, while keeping in mind that not everything said is necessarily true. Here arises the true question about reality: “What is real for me?”

The truth is that for a student the teacher can be the most annoying, mean or frightening person and that is real for him/her, because in his/her reality and due to the situations the student find himself/herself with the teacher builds that kind of reality. The teacher on the other hand thanks to the knowledge he/she has gained throughout life time experience and education, realizes that the student is not the problem, is not the enemy or someone to start a battle with, but the student is just someone who needs to be led to higher levels of understandings in order to build a better reality for himself/herself.  In this situation we are talking about an educational environment, which is one of the factors that influence the reality one is creating.

Another reality that a student can create is with the parents, the parents here contribute to another reality for the student, and next to the environment we add also the relationship that has been built in between the “members of this reality”. The student is a child in this reality, is the one that is guided by the elders, is the one that betters the reality of his/her parents, but also is the one that is hiding the most truth from them. For the parents, the child is the saint that gives everything in all the realities that he/she is keen to pursue, while the members of all the other realities, in all the other environments might have a degenerated picture drawn by the child, and that is what affects the realities of the others. That is what happens when someone is imagining someone’s life through the eyes of others.

Whether reality is created through someone else’s eyes or by the already made experience is not as accurate as the reality that is created on the moment, now. We have again the teacher that can perceive a student as rude due to the noisy attitude that he/she is establishing during the lessons, judging by previous experiences those kind of students do not score high grades so the teacher can expect a low level of dedication from the student in his/her lesson, even though that is not necessarily the case, in this reality the most undisciplined student can score higher than the ones that do not bother the teacher. On the other hand, the reality influenced by other people’s opinion carries the risk of inapplicability  for certain personas. One can be very mean, arrogant, disrespectful and so on with some people, while the same person can be the sweetest, most respectful or the most joyful presence in another one’s reality, here is because the reality has to be created through personal experience and not around another’s opinion, more like: “What’s real for you, might not be real for me”

The truth about reality is that people create the reality with their thoughts, because opinions influence actions, actions influence building relationship, and relationships are the reflections or our thoughts, because thought is what gives us the stimuli to act in a certain way is each circumstance we are in. In the end, it’s all about how you take the decision to show yourself in the physical world.

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