On the other way around

In life there are different situation we have to deal with and each one of them has a moral value, a learning step, through a moment that brings something new to yourself, either positive or negative.

An optimist would say that every bad moment in life is actually the most positive ones you could imagine, only that you’ll find that at the end of the storm. A moment in life when we struggle is meant to teach us lessons in the hard way, because the easy way is what makes us lazy and not motivated, makes us somehow be happy to stay in the comfort zone. Now, in comfort zone bad situations occur less but also the life knowledge is less, also diversity is less, and therefore less people around that self with no balls to go out of the comfort zone and experiment everything life has to offer. Basically each negative moments of your life is like a boost with fresh new air to yourself, improving your ego, your persona, your mind, your vision, your everything, is like somehow going to a new level of your existence.

If the negative situations should be perceived as a positive aspect for ones growth, then can we also see positive situations, positive initiatives and positive intentions as an eventually negative outcome? Supposedly an over protective mother that is monitoring her child on each step of his/her progression just to keep him/her safe, most logically a safe person never learns, knowledge of life is not enough if it’s not lived. Being protective is not wrong but in some situations one has to be left alone to fight against the worse of his/her life, people need to suffer, to get hurt, to cry, to feel everything, only in that way we storage better the information about life.

We settled that being protected can be wrong because it doesn’t give the opportunity to make mistakes and try to fix them on our own, but what if one is being helped all the time in everything? Would that one learn something? No, definitely not! We learn only when we do it on our own, and the ones that really want to help somebody should understand that in some situations people have to be all covered in shit in order to strengthen themselves, they need to fall in order to rise up again, people need also help, but supportive help. By not helping is intended in the way of not help everybody with everything, but help a person that really needs help, a person in danger. It is actually referred to not helping colleagues at work like doing all their tasks, giving your classmates homework to copy or passing the answers on an exams session, helping friends fixing their own mistakes, and so on. Helping is showing altruism, but the only help one needs is the help of learning something on their own, more like just guiding that person to understand and gain more knowledge.

If negative situations have positive outcomes and the positive ones have negative results, then what makes us grow and learn more? A perfect life lived in a routine, or a stormy life with ups and downs that teaches you have to appreciate better each moment of happiness that you encounter on your journey on Earth? The choice is yours!


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