About best friends

We live on an overpopulated planet full of different people, some of them we may dislike from the moment we introduced ourselves to them while with others we can have an immediate connection. We cannot love or hate everybody, but we can build up beautiful relationships with everyone if only we would want that.

     First of all people connect more when they act naturally, it is normal that we all try to hide some of our insecurities when being in contact with other humans, it is because we don’t feel entirely comfortable with them yet, we need time and moments spent together to feel at ease with other humans. That is because people are judgemental, people are mean, people are jealous, people are proud. On the other hand people have also lovely sides next to those ugly figures of their personalities, like people are carrying, generous, they can love, and have the patience to understand another. We have a brain and the consciousness in order to teach ourselves how to become better for ourselves, but also better for the world and for the rest of the living organisms of this planet (also animals, plants, and why not, to humans that deserve kindness).

    The difference between friends and best friends is easy to understand, it stands mostly in honesty. Both friends and best friends are honest with us, but when it comes to the ugly truth, you won’t hear that one coming out from the mouth of a normal friend, he/she might choose to give you an opinion in order not to harm your feelings and that is because they don’t know how would you react to their honest opinion. A best friend would tell all the shit about you, but only when you are together and nobody is around, while in your absence they would just defend you in mostly everything and describe you as the best person in the world to the others; Well, normal friends as they kept their original negative thought about you to themselves, eventually they have to share it with someone else, that is why a normal friend might talk bad about you when you are not around. That is nothing to preoccupy about because it is not your responsibility what others say or think about you, your task is to be as fabulous as you can in every situation,  no matter who you have in front of you. 

Best friends are hard to find but easy to keep them next to you. This is because they know you, they understand your bad moods, they accept your defects and they do not care that much about your qualities, they enjoy acting dumb when you are together, they insult you just for fun, and after a fight you both take the blame for it. Normal friends are easy to find, yet easy to lose. The reason why they are normal friends is because the relationship is missing those moments when you let your guards down and let yourself be discovered as you are. It is because they don’t accept your weaknesses but take advantages of your qualities, they do not understand when you are unavailable, because they pretend to have you next to them whenever it is comfortable for them and not in the other way around, that is why in the end, it can only take one small action to lose contact with them. C’est la vie! Friends like that you find at each corner. 

It is essential to have best friends in our lives, but it is important to have normal friends too. You never know when, at the right moment, that normal friend can turn into your best friend for life, but that it is possible only if you both start acting as if you want it to happen.Hugs


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