Big Ego vs Strong Consciousness

  There is a constant debate within us, like people discussing in our heads about which is the best decision to take in certain situations present in our lives. What is best, following our ego as in what we feel or shall we go with what our conscious is suggesting us?


  An ego should be seen as our basic self, the raw material of our existence in this world, it is what we want to prove to people we are, it is the person we think we know best, is that person inside us that needs to be fed with compliments in order to grow bigger. Now, bigger doesn’t mean better, a big ego is actually something negative because that carries away the ability of a person to empathize with other beings. A big ego is owned generally by egocentric humans, those humans that are focused only on how to transform their environment into their own property, as if they are the lords and the rest are the pawns.

  While a big ego is something unlikely to develop, a moderated type of ego can show some positive results. A normal ego is acting mostly inside of us, it is that ego that makes us want to do what we desire in certain moments, it is that voice that makes us want to satisfy our needs, like social acceptance, love, family, guilty pleasures, lust, emotions, adrenaline, basically the will to live. That ego can be charming because it is not empowered only by spontaneity and instinct, but as well it is able to select between what is proper and what is just egoistic. The last two characteristics are given thanks to the presence of a consciousness.

  The consciousness acts like the part of us that throughtout experience it is able to raise some standards, has opinions, has knowledge, has an ideal self. Well that ideal self can be obtained only by permitting the “intelligent self” to take action and not just follow what the ego is willing to do. Those voices that tell us what is best to do and what not, by analyzing the situation with realistic facts from personal experience or collected information, those are the voices of awareness.

  A strong consciousness would be the ability to analyze carefully all the alternatives and choose what is best in which situation. That is practically impossible, because then we would all be in peace, but we make war instead. It is like a war in the head of a strong mind, because it has to fight over all the fear, anger, hate that the ego is feeling in the unpleasant moments in life. That strong consciousness would be also capable to make peace with its ego and together will create the ideal self. The strong consciousness would always know how to introduce the ego to the world.

  A great collaboration between a well trained consciousness and a charming ego is the key of success. It is the ability to stand firm against challenging situations and release the ego whenever is appropiate.


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