About Success

Everybody wants to be successful, have their lives together, have their own version of perfect people around them, and most importantly be the person they aim to be.


Success doesn’t come with money, with expensive outfits, with luxurious houses or exotic holidays; that is just the result of a hard worker. Well, of course, there are those people that haven’t ever moved a finger and have all this, but unfortunately they mostly lack of being accomplished humans, due to the fact that all was inherited rather than hard working in order to earn it. Those people are not your models, nor your source of inspiration. Your source of inspiration should be those people that have struggled to achieve something in life, those who have been down before climbing up, those that managed to stay up without being rude or disrespectful towards the ones below them.


Happiness and freedom are two factors that might bring success. Happy people are capable to ignore the negative vibes around them, they pass over negative people and judgemental minds. Being free to make your own choices is important for your passion and motivating in everything you decide to do. When people love what they do, they do it best. Now, it is hard to achieve all this in the society nowadays, that is because of the hatred, enviousness and jealousy that people bring into their surroundings. Those people are limited or ignorant humans, so you’d better leave them out of your life and you’ll see how things will get better.


Love or popularity are not important to be successful, but being admired and inspiring people, now, that’s being successful. Of course, love is also essential, but comes as a bonus for being a good, respectful, polite, educated, reserved, open minded human. Having an open mind as in giving a chance to everything, try to discover fields you would normally not explore, understand that people are different and accept that. Popularity is important in high school, not in the adulthood, so that should not even be included on the list of a successful person. On the other hand, being known and respected is something that comes along when doing what you have to do and minding of your own business, do the right things without affecting negatively the ones around you.


In the end there is no standard definition of success, but each one can give its own interpretation of success. People feel accomplished through different ways, on those ways you should focus in order to achieve success.

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2 thoughts on “About Success

  1. Hello and nice to meet you on WordPress. This is a great definition of success and happinesses. I agree, we should be motivated by people who have overcome hardships to get what they want out of life. They are the truly inspiring ones. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Hello Madeline! Thank you very much for your comment and I am glad you enjoyed reading the article. Nice meeting you! 🙂


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