What’s new?

The year is new, the house is new and I am new
I am not talking only about my new clothes in my new closet
But also my new hair colour and my new attitude
It seems that since Venus was transiting my first house I’ve become handsomer
My eyes are more relaxed behind my new glasses
And my new smile, well that has always been there, nothing new about that

What I really mean is that I changed as we all do at a certain point
In time we will look back at us nowadays and smile
For whichever reason, either your ugly favorite pants or the hilarious song you keep playing
It is nice to know that a change is gonna come
But it will come when you learn to mind of your own business and do what you have to do
Keep your dirty filthy nose away from other people, they won’t bring you success

I have friends, I don’t change that even though a new friend might shine in my life every day
My friends are poets, actors, musicians, doctors, psychologists, teachers and junkies
But I love them for their uniqueness and what their presence bring into my life
Which is happiness, love, care, feeling of belonging and they give me ideal food for my brain
They are young and still working on becoming greater, wiser and more powerful
Unfortunately it looks like a long way to go, just because they do things right
If only they would open their eyes and see that in charge are still the uneducated sneaky ones

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