The two ducks

Now you’ve temporally left me

Two weeks
Now in the first hours I feel lost
I don’t know where to start my day from
Cleaning my studio
Going for grocery shopping
Prepare for my date that I will be having tonight
Or I might as well drink a glass of whiskey
But I should wait at least until noon
Don’t want to look like an alcoholic
Because we both know
I don’t like alcohol unless I drink it in good company
On my way home I passed through the park
Ugly day, like always
And two ducks walking in front of me
They were like us
A clumsy and confused green headed duck
Which was me
And an elegant and great orientated brown one
Which was you
They were so lovely that I had to send you a picture with them
And you’ve also thought the role distribution was accurate
You have a nice picture with me hairy and full beard
Just as you like me
It lies in your purple wallet
If anyone asks
You say I’m your husband

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