Friends and other social contacts

In life you can find yourself interacting with various individuals and you might tend to name them as: my friend, my brother, my mother, my lover, my partner in crime, my shoulder to cry on. No matter how you name your social contacts, always be a little skeptic about your true friends.

Actually, this post is more about friends than “other social contacts”, but I would like you to understand when one is a friend or just a social contact. Still following? I will simplify by giving an example:

I have a lot of social contacts because I happen to be an extrovert and I can easily interact with any type of person if I want to… I know people that have been my “friends” for years and they were always next to me for entertainment, fun, drinks, bullshitting around; I also know people that have been my friends for years but they were always never next to me for all that jazz, instead they were reaching out during my difficult periods of time. Now, it is not wrong to name one person as your friend, it’s actually cool and helpful for establishing a relationship, but when it comes to relying on them because you need support, try to be more selective with who to call “my friend”.

Friends are important in our lives and they make up a great deal of our social integration. Therefore, the more, the merrier. On the other hand, people in general, unfortunately, most of the times, they do not really give a dime about your struggling and difficult periods, because they have their own ones! You can’t blame them, and if you do… then it is something wrong with you and not with them! Moreover, do not despair or try to get your friends closer by any means, because this won’t help raise up an organic relationship, instead it would create poisonous ones. Try to breath in and breath out, expose yourself to your inner self and give fragments about your pains to the people you instinctively trust. And if the answer to your pains is “I am so sad/sorry for hearing that!” and it all finished there, then those are just social contacts. If the answer to your pains comes back with a follow up within 1-2 days or even a week in order to make sure your feelings are doing better, then that is a friend!

Social contacts are all people you interact with in the urban or rural jungle, inhabited by beautiful people with beautiful problems. You have social contacts and you are a social contact for others. If you care about people, be open to that and help as much as you want without requesting anything in return. Be genuine and lovely and karma will bring you positive effects in your life thanks to your positive actions you caused in other people lives. If you want to bring your social status to a next level, be the social contact you want others to be for you and treat others as you’d like to be treated, again, without expecting anything from them in return, hence – no pressure!

Humans nowadays are more complex than ever, secretive and they tend to suffer in silence, afraid of other people’s judgements. Do not criticize but try to understand them by using your empathy. And do not try to make too much for others, because at times, less means more.



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