About migration

Humans have always changed place, migrating from a territory to another for a better live, due to more availability of resources. The first migrations happened already approximately 2 million years ago when the Homo Erectus have moved out from Africa. Nowadays, we limit this natural instict of humans to find a better place to live their lives by using borders to delimite the territory of a country and develop policies to prevent migrations from happening…

Immigration vs Emigration

Migration is when a person is moving away from their resident place and it can be either moving internationally or within a state. When we use the term immigration is refered to a person that has entered within a location other than his/her residencial place. Emigration is used for a person that has left his/her residential place and moved somewhere outside that area. Picture it like this: The sufixe “i” is for going into another place whereas the sufixe “e” is for exiting a place.

(Disclaimer: when I mention a country, I refer to the political governance, not citizens!)

The sad part of migration is that obviously citizens of certain countries are more entitled to migrate than others, making this another type of discrimination that we are experiencing nowadays – as if there is not enough discrimination… To be even more of a prick, I would like to say that these privileged migrating nations happen to be ex colonial powers, eg: UK, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Japan, etc. When it comes to them travelling all around the world they should be allowed, but when it comes to other countries migrating to their lands, then we have a problem, hence the Brexit.

Now, I’d like to take UK as an example because the rulers there (not the citizens) are the biggest hypocrites of 21st century. Brexit happened because the people apperantly couldn’t cope anymore with the huge inflow of immigrats, yet everywhere I travelled so far I see more communities of British than communities of fungi, other times they are second as size of expats, only behind France (another populist country against immigrations). Furthermore, the British could not accept that certain immigrants were actually starting to claim British territory and make it, let’s say, their own land… Why shouldn’t they do that? Did these British forgot about the colonialism period when they were taking resources from other countries leading to famine and therefore deaths of million of people? Don’t worry UK, you’re not going to die of famine because the world is better regulated now, just so that we can come closer to calling ourselves “humanity”. However, all the crimes against humanity done by the British Empire should be left in the past though, let’s focus on present moment.

In 2019 this is the immigration chart:


Look at that impressive number in the US!! Now, I am almost tempted to say that Trump has a point when he comes with all these “progressive” ideas to limit immigration in “his country”. Even if US has 48 million immigrants, it is only about 15% of the total population of the country, whereas the 8 millions immigrants in UAE make 87% of the whole population!! Did not hear yet anything about UAE working on their migration policies in order to balance their population. Maybe this is a reason why in 2019 UAE passport is the strongest passport in the world according to passportindex.org?

Now that you know how to read that chart, see below the chart for emmigrants:


The emigrants are in smaller proportions, however in the top 15 of emigrants you can see some of the countries that were in top 15 immigrats as well, most notably UK. Of course, the percentage of emigrants is a little smaller (4.7) than the immigrats in UK (8.4). This statistics should give confidence to the ruling parties with regards to Brexit, there is definetaly too much immigration going on in UK.

UK is not the only country complaining about migrations, there are also others. For example, the five countries (Hungary, Poland, Ceczh Republic, Israel and US) that voted against the GCM (Global Compact of Migration) issued by UN in 2018. It is disappointing to live in a world where we have movement limitations imposed by policy makers. It is disappointing to see how some countries still discriminate other enthicities. It is disappointing to see that we cannot accept other people purely because they have other nationalities!! Like what on Earth are we doing here, brothers? Can’t we just live in harmony together?

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