The doors are open now

Curved corridors like serpentine

Leading to the darkest sphere

I see your shadow crawling towards me

Circle of lies

Triangles in your life

Lower your pride

Systematically you’ll fall aside

With the power of intention

Will make those demons die

Activate your anahata-chakra

Gather all the energies from Terra sacra

I was here since the inception

When souls were bleeding in the sky

Approacing the red clouds of glory

This radiant energy expressed a priori

And now all your veins are solid as ice


The streets are dead and humans are gone

The globe is dry and overly shy

All changed because of your black eye

Engraved in your pyramided serpentine

Heart-shaped dark

Hammerhead sharks

No lips will ever touch your aura

Negative thoughts, box of pandora

Suffer shall push you to realization

That my power is a plethora

This strength comes from those Devil’s eyes

And it increase everytime my lover cries

I bless your soul after termination

Bury your body while reading the torah

Might you desire the end of this story

Consider my feelings from a posteriori

All those lessons learned in this allegory

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