My partner complains

When I eat, complains about my eating behaviour

When I sing, complains about my missed endeavor

When I walk, complains about generating unusual noise

When I go out, complains about my gang of boys

If I am nice and sweet, complains I am not strict enough

If I am strict, complains like why the fuck am I so though

If I clean the house, why didn’t I take the garbage out

If I am storytelling you, why don’t I keep my mouth shut


Partner, should you ever love someone new

Try to be a little less of a lover fool

Try to understand people are different

Try being selfless and considerate

Whisper softly appreciable compliments

Being nice to people should be common sense

When you see me in the morning, say that I look beautiful

Look at me, not at your phone, be realistic, not delusional


Don’t you like when I cuddle your thin body?

That body I know is admired by everybody

Don’t you enjoy me kissing your fair skin

When our bodies merge together like the siamese twins

Don’t you love it when I gently smile at your mistakes

Taking life easy is all that it takes

We are partners, lovers and above all – we are friends

Yet, our relationship needs some amends

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1 thought on “My partner complains

  1. Why u still in this relationship ?run a way bro


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