Is Astrology a Science?

Astrology is a beautiful, almost prophetic, combination of science and philosophy. Having at it’s core deep understandings of human behavior and outward manifestation of those.

The mars valley, also know as death valley, in the atacama desert ...
Beautiful space bodies

Why is it science?

Because in order to give any type of interpretation via astrology, you first need to check the planets. Most specifically the distance in degrees on the circle we have in heavens around our planet. Planets have energies and in astrology it is assumed that we are affected by those energies emanated from cosmic bodies. For example, when planets conjunct it means they are having energies combined on the same imaginary line (back to back if you want) facing Earth on the same direction. Astronomy is different, astronomy is very scientific based and deals with planetary compositions, cosmic bodies, energy fields, gravity, black holes, whatever elements from space you can imagine – that’s astronomy bringing the knowledge. Astrology, on the other hand is more based on philosophy – remember the Gods from almost any ancient civilization? Those Gods are planets and the attributes associated with each God, are actually the basis of astrological interpretation. Below I share some personal preferred examples:

  • Jupiter – This is assumed to have the power of Zeus from the Greek mythology with it’s Roman equivalent Jupiter. In astrological interpretations Jupiter is associated with good fortune, prosperity, healing, expansion etc., while it governs long distance travels, big business, wealth, religion, law, etc.
Planet Jupiter - Home | Facebook
  • Venus – This is like straight in your face cause it’s Greek equivalent is Aphrodite <3. Venus is literally everything you know about Aphrodite: Relationships, love, abundance, values, finance and materials possessions and governs courtship and adoration.
Interesting Venus Planet Facts & Information for Kids
  • Mars – Is basically Ares, Aphrodite’s lover. They are in astrology also called the lovers of astrology. Mars represents wars, aggression, tactics. It is about yourself “weaponizing” for protection and competition. : Mars Bar Chocolate - (51 Grams) 6 Pack : Mars Bars ...
Not this Mars…
Space news: NASA announce plans to land on Mars by 2040 | Science ...
Yes, this Mars!
  • Lilith – Astrology sometimes include also asteroids or other space bodies. This one is basically Lilith from religious transcripts like the 1st woman to be created – at the same moment with Adam (before Eve was create from Adam’s rib…) or simply Lilith the Mother of Demons or Lucifer’s co-ruler of Hell. In astrology, Lilith is the dark angel, but fearless, alluring, sexually driven, capable of giving you the higher stage of manipulation and seduction.
Space Mining Projects Raise Legal Questions | Space
This is not Lilith, but a similar asteroid spectral type SMASS – X category

These are the 8 known and universally accepted planets in our Solar System.

Venus: the Hottest Planet in the Solar System - WorldAtlas
Planets would never be so aligned, neither are they so close to each other. This is art, not science.

These aforementioned examples should also cover the philosophical aspect of astrology. Let’s begin with the star signs.

Then there are these 12 signs which supposedly have specific characteristics to each other and they are associated with 12 constellations that we see into the sky. Our ancestors were organically connected with nature, the sky, living mindfully in present, also they were deeply believing that the sky and everything that comes with it – is sacred. That’s why we still use nowadays the sun’s seasonal patterns and lunar phases for agriculture and other terrestrial and cosmic observations.

How does the Moon affect the Earth? | Institute of Physics
A turtle developing orientation tools based on lunar patterns.

Why those characteristic per star sign then?

I could merely assume that it is probably more like a circle of ascension in life. Each star sign in astrology follows the next exactly how you can visualize these constellations in space, following the same order.

In astrology they begin with Aries because it is around the spring period (Equinox) celebrated and that is the beginning of life. With Aries you learn the basic principles of exploring and expressing yourself, have the motivation and drive to take initiatives, high levels of energy, etc.

The Taurus is next and it is about the materials aspect of life – what you own, posses. Gemini is mastered communication and social interaction through adaptation to the environment. Cancer is about family, home, healing.

Then you have Leo that deals with loving and appreciation of life, creativity, fun, romances as if you did all the hard work and now you can enjoy enjoying life. After comes Virgo with responsibility, and work somewhere in September – bringing a lot of new facts and data to the table through their meticulous studies during summer holidays…

After we have Libra and here you start mirroring the other signs in opposed perspective- Libra represents relationships, companionship, marriage, justice. Scorpio is about other people’s resources, if Taurus was about what you own – Scorpio is what others own to benefit from – moreover, Scorpio is about rebirth, superior understanding in human emotional patterns and how to manipulate them for that matter. Sagittarius represents the higher education, knowledge, sparkles curiosity over everything, traveling long distances and outstanding understanding of cultures. Capricorn -here a whole article – simply authority, hard work, discipline, rigid, status oriented.

Aquarius is about hopes, dreams and aspirations, communities, innovation, being weird and unpredictable. Pisces are the psychics of the astrology, it is assumed that with Pisces and therefore the end of the astrological wheel – we accomplished higher understanding of the world, ourselves, nature, we are mastered Buddhas in the making.

You see the connection and logic in the sequence selection? Me neither. It felt logic in my head until I started writing about Leo. I decided to continue at least write for each star sign so that you can learn some more about yours.

12pcs/lot)Pendant Necklace Constellation Star Sign Necklace zodiac ...
The 12 star signs represented with their respective constellation

The truth is that when you go in depth of the each star sign’s traits and philosophically debate on the interconnection of star signs’ characteristics to understand their interaction and compatibility – you have a quasi-pseudo-psychology here.

What about prophetic?

Nostradamus is said to have been using astrology as a mean to predict future events. Astrological readers do that too. The cool part is that through the same prediction mechanism you can check the past as well.

Image of Abstract Zodiac background - Stocky - $1 GIFs & Images ...
The wheel of astrology

In the end, astrology can be seen as a philosophical practice that involves interpretations to an array of cosmological symbols to predict future events or revisit past moments. And yes, the destiny is written, but it is subject to change.


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  1. Very nice and funny overview! I’ve loved it and the way it’s written!


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