The second star sign in the astrological wheel, Taurus rules the house of materials possessions and are attune with all senses like hearing (music), smell (food), touch (bodies and fine textures).

Being governed by Venus, the planet of love, affection, beauty, satisfaction – Taurus may come often as pretentious and demanding. In fact, they will never engage themselves in anything that looks artificial, unstable or ugly in any sense of the word. Moreover, as earth sign (same as Capricorn & Virgo), Taurus can see the world in a very practical and realistic way, outstanding work ethic and performance based on determination and hard work. Often this sign is attracted by money or material possessions – Taurus is about “I have” so in order to feel security they need material possession and really appreciate gifts made from heart and with good taste.

The bull is the animal associated with Taurus and a lot of people say that they are stubborn as a mule. They are quite stubborn, but I’d like to say that they are protective, determinate, ambitious and reward orientated, thus they’d do anything to obtain their objectives. They loath change and are very slow in about anything – that’s why it is quite common when a Taurus reaches a position they aimed, nothing will replace them. The quality of anything they produce is outstanding, especially if it is handmade. Patience is a virtue and no one else knows that better than the bull – taking the right amount of time to make a decision, get involved in a relationship, change a place willingly without any circumstances connected to their other personal goals, such as career or love.

Taurus is associated with neck, throat, vocal cords – they might be blessed with astonishing voice (Adele, Sam Smith, Chris Brown, Cher, etc.). They may also have a tendency of medical problems in the same area, for example chronic sore throat or imbalanced thyroid activity. Emotionally, as said already, they’re overly sensual, touchy, smooth, delicate, yet they can have trust issues. It takes time and specific evidence of trustworthiness in order for a Taurus to fully give in to someone. As fixed earth sign, Taurus also tend to have more of a introvert idiosyncrasy, although they can entertain groups, provide deep and meaningful conversations, facilitate parties and can sparkle in the center of attention. However, a Taurus loves being in a comfortable, stable and calm environment, or undergo manual activities such as gardening, cooking or simply touching their loved ones is ideal. The extrovert nature comes out because they have a need of making sure the people around them are feeling good, so as a strong-willing character, a Taurus can do anything.

In love Taurus are perfect lovers, even for the ones not compatible with them. Their calm, patient and elegant nature can seduce anyone, but not everyone can get to a Taurus heart. Even though they are emotional, they do not often show emotions, particularly during the value assessment period. They like people to be genuine and grounded, they like people that are taking good care of their lives as in keeping a clean house, cooking healthy, focusing on constant self-improvement. If a Taurus smells any chaos, indecisiveness, emotional instability, they’ll slowly disappear from your life without any communicated concrete reason. You see, Taurus do not like harsh feelings towards anyone, so instead of confronting something they already know is not in their league, they’d rather retreat.

Self-reliable, consistent and full of common sense a Taurus is incredibly pleasant to have around. They are mentally tough and resilient, able to deal with about anything relevant. That doesn’t mean their hearts can’t be broken, actually they need a whole lot of time to recover after catastrophic relationships. They are amazing beings that portrait themselves mainly as tough and impenetrable, while they are super sweet, caring, loving and protective. Anyone should have a Taurus in their life to really feel what unconditional love means once you earned it.

Personally I don’t believe it is worth saying the compatibility prognosis between Taurus and other signs. However, from the air signs: Aquarius and Gemini are too fast in anything for a Taurus, while Libra is a bit more dedicated to other people’s feeling and share Venus as ruling planet with Taurus; The fire signs (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius) can all be too enthusiastic for large events, chaotic environments for a Taurus to keep up with; The water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) all can have a wonderful compatibility with the bull since they are caring, emotionally driven and lovable themselves generally; Finally the earth signs (Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn) share all similar values and won’t take any effort for meeting halfway. Anyway, In life people grow and develop, change their ways of doing things and expand on the ability to see various perspectives. If you give to the Taurus the feeling of love and stability when he/she is around you, you might hit the jackpot as there is no other star sign that can be as lovable in a drama free, relaxed way as Taurus is.


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