The 1st star sign of the astrological wheel is the fiery and feisty ram also known in astrological terms as Aries. As it is the starter in astrology this star sign is associated with initiation, will power, highly driven to begin anything self-rewarding.

The first house of the astrological wheel ruled by Aries represents how people perceive us in the world, which often is different than the way we actually are. “Who am I” is the motto for Aries, that is why they are rather pure individuals, big advocates for “what you see is what you get”. On the other hand, Aries can be so busy with themselves that may come across as egocentric and selfish – that’s again, how people perceive them. Aries are quite sensitive to their surroundings and can easily get over-sensed by ideas, situations and people. Ruled by the warrior planet of Mars, these rams are highly energetic, aggressive, impulsive and fast-paced in about anything they put their mind to. Other traits of Aries are courageous, determined, enthusiastic, optimistic, honest, etc.

The body part association with Aries is the head, brain and face, being also their major point of medical concern generally, for example headaches, migraines, strokes. They usually create these type of medical issues themselves – you see, Aries are rather dominant in everything, just like the eldest son in a family they always need to be number one and are able to do about anything to maintain that position – just imagine that constant pressure of high performance. Related to the self-centrism and external aspect (face), Aries like to be admired, enjoy being eccentric and look good at all times. Furthermore, they can be very nervous, agitated and unable to stay still. Depression and lots of stress are coming to Aries like a magnet since they take everything in live too seriously and are very demanding of themselves. Advice here for my sweet Aries is to give yourself some space and focus your attention on other people, for example observing the behavioral manners of others. You don’t have to always be in the spotlight, you are so naturally vibrating that the spotlight will come to you without any effort.

Some of the key characteristics of Aries are passionate, motivated, confidence, great pioneers at building communities or initiating projects. As they are ace in starting anything, they are generally not as good in finalizing projects, especially if their environment is not stimulating them. Aries can be also really stubborn, tightly competing with the other horned start signs (Taurus & Capricorn), yet unlike the other two, Aries’ stubbornness can be the most destructive one since they love competition, fights, openly debating, drama, etc. Nevertheless, Aries are notorious for putting on huge fights just so that once they ventilate their anger they behave as nothing has happened, leaving everything in the past with no harsh feelings. They also love truly and passionately people even though they can be savage at times with their loved ones, expressing their feelings genuinely is something we all should appreciate and learn from them.

The modality associated with Aries is cardinal, same as Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Having a cardinal modality means that Aries are born leaders, good initiators and are reasonable beings. The natural element of Aries is fire, this is where the passion, energy and dedication comes from. In terms of compatibility Aries generally get along with the other fire star signs (Leo and Sagittarius) because they share similar view on the world and have a lot of common points of interest as adventure, self-interest, creativity and the energetic nature. The air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) are somehow compatible with Aries because they are all sociable and extroverted beings, Libra is on the opposing side of Aries and that can mean either very compatible or not compatible at all, Gemini and Aquarius are quite compatible with Aries as they can easily energize and stimulate each other. The earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) can be a bit boring and slow for the ever changing at a fast-pace Aries, yet Virgo can be sometimes an added-value in the life of an Aries due to Virgo’s nurturing and caring nature. Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) are not really able to get along with Aries, although Scorpio has a very high compatibility with Aries as they both share Mars as their ruling planet. In love, Aries can make wonderful couples with Gemini, Sagittarius and Leo. Nevertheless, any star sign can get along with Aries as long as they are able to cope with the dynamic nature of Aries.

Due to their speedy nature and excellent organizational skills, Aries are able to juggle effortlessly tasks and be highly productive at work. Generally impatient, they can barely cope with delays, being inactive or not using the talents/skills of someone in a proper way. As said, being amazing leaders, Aries would often understand people’s abilities and they can easily indicate/direct someone on a suitable path. Aries are also very open minded and love discovering new theories, ways of working or simply testing and breaking new grounds. Actually, Aries act and react on everything before they even think or assess potential circumstances, yet they are so clever and agile that no bad situation can put them down as they are resilient and able to retaliate from any position.

In a nutshell Aries are amazing starters of any project, outstanding leaders, highly sensitive people with an assertive nature.

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