Public System and Its Unaddressed Gaps

Do I have to start with a rich text to become rich? I’ve been waiting and working my whole life to continue to be (financially) on the poor side of the spectrum. Now, I need to write down to ventilate my frustration and go freestyle about it.

I’ve taken the systematically developed path implemented by the society: good(ish) in school, took the university degree, got a job with a good wage. I could even put money aside by the age of 30, as much as I could – whilst indulging myself with goodness and with life alongside all its pleasures – carnal and spiritual. And still, it frustrates me to witness this vicious algorithm in which the rich gets richer and the poor – poorer, the middle getting poorer too. Outrageous how this gap gets bigger while percentage of wealthy humans gets lower…

Do you also read daily those articles on which between Besos and Mask is richer? With their added wealth of a billion every 1 week approximately? Hmmm… I wouldn’t hate on them cause they’re smart and know exactly how to navigate through the broken systems implemented on the regular citizen like most of us. They should inspire you with their approach to success, yet remain humble and invest in the greater good rather than world domination. They both exceeded that threshold of being a basic member of the society, they are the evolutionists of the societies thanks to their tech and tact in the game of power. They both, like many other success wealthy people, found the cracks in the system and abused them until they became basically modern-times giants, titans. Money do make this world around, take it or leave it! (the planet that is…)

And then you have headline news like the elections in Italy with their first female Prime Minister in power. Only caveat here is that she belongs to Berlusconi’s political party and she’s a Mussolini – level type of fascist. As my Italian father rightfully said: “Let’s just be optimistic that everything will work out well.” That’s all you get today from his wisdom as there is more to take in from my Italian bestie, almost in her 30s too – rightfully said: “Go vote, don’t be like the rest of the young generation that do not care for this democratic tool of authority (authoritarian) selection!” – Fine, that’s my translation of her words. However, the point here is that the young generations do not get enough involved in the conventional procedures of selecting a leader, thus (given the high % of elderly population generally) the older generation has the final word in the end. Other good example on the importance of the demographical factor is the voting for Brexit. When the percentages were disclosed per country or various cities, you could easily develop a profile of the votes for each of the two options available on the voting sheet. Is this the way big decisions are being made these days? Based on a cabinet that develops an appealing emotionally manipulative campaign in which the public gets so easily controlled in the mass. Hard to escape it and sometimes might even be dangerous escaping it…

Prim minister of Italy – Meloni with Meloni

There are so many people escaping their lands due to war, due to poverty, due to climate change, due to inability to survive – in their land. And then there are people that are depressed because they couldn’t buy all the clothes they want or that their parents treated them unjustifiable in some way they cannot get over in the present moment. These people are mainly in the West (as in the developed countries, including Australia, and those out there with high quality of everything measured and ranked globally). While on the other side of the world, commonly known as undeveloped countries – continuously in fear and in the survival mode, perhaps don’t get the privilege to reflect on unpleasant experiences from their mere existence. And this is yet another gap…

However, somehow it feels like it should look like this (* As of Oct 17, 2022)

Click on the link for full article

Moreover, why do we still go to war? What is it that the powerful countries do not own and still need to accomplish? Like I mean people representing countries, cause if it would be at the choice of the land itself (personified) – I see the world in harmony, communicating through its roots from a side to another and send resources everywhere needed. However, there are parasites in every ecosystem and unfortunately and admittedly – we (humanity) with our current behaviour – are the malignancy on Earth’s body. Sadly, but this is the ugly truth. On top of that, the wealthy sponsored human’s activities (war, exploitation of natural resources, deforestation, vandalism in natural ecosystems) which produce damage beyond the immediate grasp – it impacts the whole body of Earth – including the sky and our access to the rest of the universe. Can we all look at the sky one night, at the same time? Forget who we are, imagine we are simple lights – and then glow from Earth towards the sky, to purify. This sounds rather hippie, but it is more right than being aggressive like the behaviour of most big decision-makers.

To conclude, the idea here was all the time about pushing the younger generation to take the situation into their hands instead of following the news passively. The world’s direction is decided by the people in power – politicians, entrepreneurs, people with influence on the masses. People often are driven by power and control, even simple people in each one’s life. If you have the determination to change the world to be a better place for everyone and the means to do it – we need you to save us all! To save our current and future world! Peace and love!

Photo from the depositphotos (Click for link)

Thanks Arulfis for editing the text! 🙂

PS: I know their names are Bezos and Musk, but I like it more besos and mask (or hugs?) xoxo


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