Principles overshadow brilliant work

Clearly everyone knows by now that Kanye West is not the most balanced celebrity given his history of controversial statements in the last 2 decades. However, I could not enjoy this more (the bad media attention) while listening to his genius God-level music he has been able to pull out so far in his career. Publicity is publicity – and I don’t give a dime he’s not a billionaire anymore due to losing fashion deals.  

Yes, he did that moment with Taylor Swish at the Grammys and he is fucking disrespectful to a lot of communities, a plain ignoramus. And yes – he has that God complex like most of “we” – but yes he is also that musical genius (unlike “we” – the critics). Of course, these (bad) & free advertisements will gain him probably more exposure to the other generations that did not know who Kanye West as artist alongside a lot of animosity. Personally, I’m in love again with his music and frankly I am not particularly bothered by his outrageous statements because his public persona is not something I take seriously or consider his statements as relevant/worth attention. Besides, I don’t listen or store other people’s toxic opinions, I filter information to the point that I allow only buddhas and shits like those to invade my news feeds. Time has taught me to leave aside bad news and focus on the good sides, my synapses won’t even react to anything Kanye states on social or political matters.

Disclaimer: I’m not defending Kanye in any way, I don’t agree with his (controversial) statements generally and this is no exception. All I am trying to say is that there is also the musical genius Kanya that needs to be credited, if not entirely separated from the public persona with America’s New President ambitions.

Pic from ABCNews

As I didn’t start this article for Kanye only, it feels right to remember y’all how Michael Jackson’s music has been supressed due to the paedophile stuff associated with him. I will NEVER be able to see MJ as a paedophile regardless of what any media communicates to the masses. This is because I never fully believe the stories in media and I’d prefer keeping a memory of Michael Jackson as my childhood’s favourite musician. And no, I don’t fancy sexually MJ – I always saw him sexless, but kind hearted and probably traumatized in childhood, hence his proximity to other children. Leave all this public image aside and put any album he’s made, let his music speak to your heart, soul and spirit whilst dismiss the information on his actions and behaviours outside his musical creation. His music touches your core soul and that is more powerful than TV news or magazines that are stimulating your basic cognitive ability to rationalise information and judge!

Whose else work has been overshadowed due to bad publicity? Hmmm… Lindsey Lohan and her wild behaviour as a teen? Britney’s emotional outburst in front of the paparazzi pissing her off? Yes yes yesss, let’s talk about Britney. Around 2007 I was barely a teenager and all the negative media around Britney has made me dislike her to the point of denying that I have ever liked her. Admittedly, to me – as for most of you – Britney Spears was the reason of dreaming and aiming to becoming a celebrity, a performer, a true entertainer. Only when I matured enough I started revealing the sympathy and appreciation for Britney Spears regardless of the general (hate-generated) public opinion of her. Didn’t she revolutionize pop music? and now you all get to see how throughout her career she has been stripped out of freedom and true expression of authenticity. She has been abused all the time and all of it under the laws because of signed contracts and agreements. A story like hers should open eyes and grow love for the strong(er) Britney; her outbursts were appropriate given how she has been manipulated as a product in the industry, even her true signing voice has been mutated so that she can sound as on the record. She showed us all the dark side of being a celebrity.

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This tendency of media to frame public figures based on their actions outside their “job” has been observed in all industries. Media and governments often label as the “bad guy” the ones that do not stand aside their principles or that oppose a threat to their campaigns – that’s how the world works because humans are manipulative and entitled creatures able to display a game of power and influence. Some examples of negatively exposed public figures to simply meet mass manipulation-like agendas: In politics (Monica Lewinsky, John F. Kennedy), in IT (Edward Snowden), in literature (Charles Bukowski) in sports (Novak Djokovic) – I wanna write about Djokovic <3.

In 2022 Novak Djokovic could not enter and compete (in tennis tournaments) in some countries due to his COVID-19 vaccination status: unvaccinated. It all started when he went to compete in Australian Open: here article for details, cause I wanna say something else – (ARTICLE with full dramatic circus). The whole year, all these peasants on social media, all of them suddenly became medical experts in the past 2 years, started bashing Novak for his personal choice to not getting vaccinated – to the point of bullying his name as NoVAX – the audacity on these ordinary opinionated mushrooms! This man has a discipline and routine that most of his critics won’t even dare to fantasize having. His nutrition, sleep schedule, training sessions, hydration, etc. is meticulously planned and executed with an elegance comparable to a king. He has never told to anyone (EVER) to not get vaccinated, he has never spoken against the vaccines, he has never protested against the vaccines. He simply said I don’t need it, purely related to himself. If then people give their interpretations and see his answers to the questions from the press conferences (which are asked in such a cornering manner) as an act against the global efforts and regulations to control a flue, then you people need to revise how you process and release information. Statements can be twisted by the press/media and positions/opinions can always be changed, but don’t force people to follow a general mentality! You herds desperate for immunity, to what? intelligence…

Djokovic holding his trophy at Wimbledon 2022 . Pic from ATP.

In all, all I wanted to underline, is yet again, another attack to how media and online information can completely destroy the image of a person. Often, their actual (positive) input into their area of expertise (as contributors, where they shape up) is being shadowed, ignored, eclipsed. This is simply because it is easier for people to remember 1 bad thing you did rather than those other 20 good deeds you did. Negativity is easier to access that’s why negative news dominate mass media.

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