Foolish people

There will always be that category of people that will always have the impression of having unlimited knowledge and therefore pretend to be the dominants in most of the conversations.

Lying is something we all do, and it is not wrong lying if you do not care losing people you care of and you have around you. Most problematic, though, is when you are lying to yourself convinced that you have the answers to all the possible questions. What happens when you lie to yourself is losing your identity and consciousness? Lie after lie affects your way of perception the reality and therefore you wouldn’t be able to distinguish your reality that has been built in your mind from the one that we all people have created in this world.

The most annoying part with these foolish people is that they keep trying to fool you, convinced that what they think is the most accurate. They start preaching or teaching you what is best, losing the state of reality, they ignore entirely your opinion. They ask questions, but never have the patience to let you answer; they always have something more to add to what you say; and when they feel they lose the balance of the conversation they jump on another topic. What’s the point of talking with those people? I like to consider that we have conversations because we want to talk and listen, in order to learn and teach others.

It is hard to stand listening to people of whose answers you automatically know, and most of all when you know what’s coming out their mouths is just an aberration. If only we would have the ability to sometimes block our thoughts and not be able anymore to hear what these people are talking about. Sometimes I want to punch them in their noses, but unfortunately I have the ability of being empathetic and I kind of feel sorry for them. Who knows what’s in their mind or why they behave like this.

In the end fooling people is something we all do, but there should be a limit in some situations, because you never know who knows more than you do and as a consequence you will be the one fooled.


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