Summer Rain

Summer is in many aspects an interesting season. It is that season when we start saying goodbye to the loved ones and let other people enter our lives; it is that season that rhymes better with falling in love rather than watching movies under your blanket, sipping from a cup of tea.

We suddenly discover new places in our small old towns or big cities, or we travel to places we always wanted to see, or we never expected to see. Been there, done that. I believe it is the season at the end of which we stop for a second and we think about what we’ve accomplished throughout the whole year. We start something new, we change something, we have revelations and become aware of our inner growth and maybe we discover something new about ourselves. 

    Summer rain is like a break from constantly feeling hot and humid, we all suddenly love rain when it’s summer. Talking about breaks, we all need breaks, we need that place where we feel comfortable, where we feel protected and understood. And I just had my first break.

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