Under the Skin (Review)

Last night I was chilling at a friend’s place, drinking tea and wearing winter clothes in the middle of August. We decided to watch a movie but didn’t have a clue which one to watch, so we started searching for new movies released by some random actors and actresses, and so finally we decided on Under the Skin (2013).

When we played the movie, at the intro I was convinced that the movies was a comedy and was related to a teenage girl, but immediately the first scene started I realized that this movie under no circumstances can be a comedy. It starts with a scene where you see two girls on a complete white background, both were Scarlett Johansson, since none of the characters in the movie has a name. After that scene the movie starts with one of the Scarlett Johansson driving her car throughout Scotland. Occasionally she was stopping people on the streets to ask them indications. Well, the all purpose why she is doing this I do not know, I have a clue in my head but I do not want to reveal it since I am not sure on what I understood.

The movie is full of wonderful visuals, the scenes are wonderfully filmed and Scarlett Johansson is super hot naked, if you want to see her entirely, every inch of herself this is the movie you are looking for. To be appreciated her acting as well; the character was so far way from normality and inexpressive, I was even wondering what the director (Jonathan Glazer) gave her as indications while filming some scenes. The landscapes in Scotland are impressive, the Atlantic Ocean looks marvelous and the stones, forests, villages are just dreamy. I am open to visiting Scotland soon.

In few words was brilliant and even though I am not sure whether I got the right idea from the movie or not, I am still glad of watching it. It is really confusing but the idea behind it is open to everyone’s imagination. So that was my Sunday evening “comedy”.


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