Social media Vs. Social life

 Incredibly annoying how people nowadays do not even know how to behave in public anymore. It is just like respect has somehow disappeared.

   All these people living day by day just to have the new Apple Product, just because it’s slimmer or lighter than the previous ones. They just use these devices to “connect with people” (I know that is a Nokia slogan, but it sounds good with all these sources of connectivity); Respect zero, you talk with these people face to face and they just look into their phones to check if their bfs are at the bar or giving head in the toilet. Exaggerated example, but who knows, we all have our own secrets in our phones; at least that is what I like to believe, but actually we are constantly monitored. 

   To be mentioned how generations have changed in the past decade. I remembered the 90s when we were still playing hide and seek, cards, football, getting dirty, ripping clothes, fighting on the streets just because we wanted to be cooler and that is what we were calling: “Going out to play”, Today I see that most children play only indoors, and most frequently playing the latest games on market. Not to be missed in any house a play station, preferably the latest, laptops and the most trendy ones have even tablets and the “lightest” Iphone. At their ages I was having a Nokia and I was playing snake all day long. 

   I fear for the next generations that they will build their lives only through internet, computers and phones. Think about finding the perfect lover online, because you must admit that these dating websites are becoming “cleverer” every day. One day maybe we will be able to even send our sperm via e-mail and have directly internet babies. 


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